The Logo~What's the Story?


Like human healing itself, the meaning-full-ness of this design is multi-layered. HumanWell… a noun and an action… uncovers the depth of our resources and illuminates how well we access them. Do we care for ourselves and choose mind-full-ness? Looking down into this well, what do we see? What do we feel? HumanWell, as a concept of action, represents how we consciously choose to engage with ourselves, with others, and with our environment. How do we choose to BE in this world? Do we move from a place of compassion, or from a place of pain? And, in which ways do we inwardly and outwardly express that compassion or pain? The time has come for humans to shift from lower-conscious soul living to higher-conscious soul living. We are being called to heal, shouted at. We must focus our attention and heed this call if we are to be the change we wish to see.

The most outer ring of the HumanWell logo represents the wholeness of us as humans. It is the essence of who we are, who we were before life dumped the vastness of its journey upon us. The innocence of our wholeness, the pain of our wholeness. It carries within us all that we are, and all that we have experienced. It is the rim as we look deep into our selves.

The outer ring mirrors the depth of the most inner ring, the space where we are deeply connected to the divine, that which is love, Absolute Consciousness. It is where we discover a deeper knowledge of self, and the purity of our selves. As we gaze down into the center we see how our actions ripple out. This is the place that healing is achieved. It is the “drop” in the collective consciousness that represents our individual healing. As we heal, the ripples of our efforts become inspiration for those around us, and those far off. This is an important concept… as we heal, so too do others; most likely this is healing we may never witness, nor ever have knowledge of. It is imperative that as we heal, we consciously recognize the effects of the energy rippling out, minding the seeds we are planting into the collective consciousness.

The inner crescents, messy and asymmetrical, hold space for the healing that we engage in as we actively seek a deeper knowledge of self. Life is messy, healing is messy, AND it’s also beautiful, and rich, and full of immense joy. Each crescent represents the many layers of healing, no one crescent looks the same. Healing is unpredictable, and it can be frightening, AND this is our one precious life. Will you heal?

I chose the mirror image of the original design as it situates the large outer crescent in the same position as the new moon. The new moon is a time of planting seeds, and the growth that happens in the dark… often unrecognized. It’s in the darkness of pain that we begin the healing, that we begin a journey to well-ness. It is not comfortable for a seed to break its coat and choose to grow, to break through the barriers that hold its full potential. Alas, it is imperative… when a seed shatters the boundaries that held it so tight for so long, immediately it does two things: it roots and it shoots. It sends roots down to ground and anchors itself. In this healing we do the same. We create a place for foundational safety and solid footing. Simultaneously, our seed shoots up through the dark earth. Often times we do not “see” this growth, as every shoot must push through the dark soil to reach the light of day and bloom. Once a seed shoot reaches the light and the breath of life-giving air, it blooms with rapid tenacity. The center of this image may be seen as gazing down into the deep center of a well, and it may also be seen as the seed of the flower choosing to bloom. A rose as it opens into its newness… its full bloom.

The junctions where the crescent lines come together represent the space where one lesson of learning blends into another, forming our “ah-ha” moments. It is the space where one lesson ends and another begins, nearly seamlessly. This conjunction also represents those people who supported you though these lessons; the road widens to allow someone else to travel alongside you, support you, love you, hold you in deep compassion.

The color gold is the highest vibration of the Absolute Consciousness. It is the energy of the highest crown chakra. It is a divine conduit for healing. The outer gold crescent represents the gold we already hold in the wholeness of us as we come into the healing process. The middle gold crescent represents the gold we collect along the path of healing, the lessons fulfilled, the trophy on the shelf of our evolution… progress. The center gold circle represents the sacredness of us as humans. It is the essence of all that we are… divine love, the golden child. We each belong here, we were born supernovas, power-full, soft and strong, deep and aware, kind and compassionate, love incarnate.

Let us dive into healing and rediscover all that sparkles really is gold. We are jewels, may we always know this, may we always shine, may we all heal. ♥️