Community Services & Professional Mentorship

~The myriad of ways I serve my community~

Life and Livelihood Experience

  • Holistic Health Practitioner, Spiritual Ritualist

  • Certified Partnership Practitioner, Riane Eisler’s Center for Partnership Studies

      • Caring Economy Educator/Advocate

      • Thriving Communities Advocate

      • Social Wealth Economic Indicator Advisor

  • Compassionate Integrity Facilitator

  • Compassionate Cities Advocate

  • BGS Sustainable Small Acreage Farming and Ranching, University of Idaho

      • Emphasis on Community Advocacy, Education, and Development, and Local Economics, Bioregional Planning

  • Public Speaker and Community Educator

  • Massage Practitioner (25 years)

  • Certified Whole Food Clinical Nutritionist

  • Interfaith Lay Pastoral Minister, Spiritual Advisor, Pagan High Priestess

  • End of Life Doula

Holistic Health Practitioner/Medicine Woman

      • Integrative Healing Journeywork

      • Foundational Breathwork

      • Hands-on, Energetic, Spirit-connected Journeywork

      • Lymphatic Circulation Therapy

      • Polyvagal Therapies: Wellness though the Central Nervous System

      • Visceral/Abdominal Myofascial Release Therapy

      • Meridian Acupressure Therapy

      • Craniosacral Therapy

      • Emotion through Motion Embodiment Workshops

Community Development Advocate

      • Certified Partnership Practitioner (Center for Partnership Systems)

      • Caring Economy Advocate (CPS)

      • Social Wealth Indicators Educator (CPS)

      • Compassionate Integrity Educator, Charter for Compassion and Life University

      • Gender Equity & Reconciliation Advocate

      • ProSocial Community Facilitator

      • Public Speaker, Civil Conversations and Social Healing Practitioner

      • Narrative Disruptor, Cultural Change Agent

      • Writer/Speaker

Food, Farming and Community Wellness Educator

Spiritual Mentorship

      • Interfaith Lay Pastoral Minister

      • Pagan High Priestess

      • End of Life Doula

      • Professional Tarot & Oracle Divination

      • Intuitive Consulting and Guidance