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How We Human Well

Remembering Our Wholeness

Bodywork~Myofascial Release~Somatics

Private One-on-One Sessions

This bodywork is typically 2.5 hours of myofascial release, structural integration, joint mobilization, and energetic clearing. This is coupled with a spirit-led connection between you, and I, and Source. A holy trinity of healing.

Investment: $100/hour

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Central Nervous System Recalibration & Self Regulation Workshop

This workshop is a required foundation for all other session work I offer. You will learn to how to reset your central nervous system through intentional breathing and cellular awareness and activation. This is a simple but profound experience that you will be able to access at anytime should you discover yourself caught in any level of chaos or stress.

You will learn:

New narratives in relationship to your body

To breath through your entire cellular nature

To access and effect your central nervous system and your vagus nerve


90 minute class every 2nd and 4th Sunday morning at 10am Pacific time- online and in person for local events

Investment: No Charge

Journey Through Breath Work

Come along on a journey into your inner landscape through the practice of intentional breath work, and guided visualization into empowerment. Breath is to the body what water is to a sponge: expansive. You will come away with a deep sense of inner effervescence, and skills to begin a home breathing practice for mitigating stress and anxiety. This service is supported by hands-on energy work and a guided meditative journey.

Energetic Lymphatic Movement

The lymphatic system carries waste and toxins out of your body. Sedentary to very active lifestyles will benefit from the rejuvenation that comes with lymphatic therapies. This service is a hands-on, light touch, modality focused on stimulating healthy movement of the circulatory and lymphatic system. This service is great for post surgery therapy to move possible edema, as well as an overall tonic for the lymphatic system.

Poly Vagal Therapies & Stress Mitigation

Education and exploration of the vagus nerve and its INTEGRAL role in our health and wellness. This session includes soft hands-on therapy, and take-home techniques and methods to include in your home wellness program. The idea is not to merely manage stress, but to skillfully mitigate it through alignment and choice. Practitioner-assisted therapies, as well as individual take-home lessons. Neurofascial release.

Integrative Healing Journey

In-office appt: Tea is poured and the conversation begins. What has your attention in your life, and where might it be creating a stumbling block? Where does it live in your body? How does it make you feel? What else do you want me to know? We begin in conversation, and then move to the table. From there, it is an intuitive experience. Aligning with intuitive energy, I may use a combination of hands-on energetic healing, sound and frequency healing, body centered therapies, visualization and journey work; all supported by a prior initiation into breath. Ask about add-ons or phone/video appts.

Myofascial and Visceral Release

A torso-based, visceral release experience using myofascial release and passive and active range of motion. Pelvic bowl soft tissue adjustment and release. Hands-on techniques. Arms, legs, and neck are addressed, but the torso is the focus.

Intuitive and Spiritual Mentorship

An hour to chat about anything on your mind, accessing intuitive wisdom accumulated throughout 22 years of ‘one on one’ bodywork sessions, endless conversations, and constant personal learning. This is an empowerment and skill building session as you come to remember yourself as sacred & creative ... profound & limitless.

Offered in person, phone, or video chat.

PSS Journey: 7 day Psycho~Spiritual~Somatic Journey

Seven days to a full body realignment

Day 1: 2.5 hour lower body myofascial and energetic release from the navel to the toes. Face up.

Day 2: Rest and integration day with home instructions

Day 3: 2.5 hour upper body myofascial and energetic release pelvic bowl to crown. Face up.

Day 4: Rest and integration day with home instructions

Day 5: 2 hour full body integrative massage

Day 6: Rest and integration day with home instructions

Day 7: 90 minute + energetic clearing and wrap up

Details and Investment


-- 30 minute consultation and interview

-- Completion of "Central Nervous System Recalibration and Self Regulation Workshop"

Investment $1000 USD

-- Optional add-on: Astrological natal chart and pre and post session tarot/oracle reading

Investment $300 USD

~Recommended once or twice per year as a full reset of your psyche, spirit, and body.~

9-week Seasonal Journey of Personal Agency through Self Awareness Course

What to Expect

Weekly Zoom or 2-hour private guided explorations of self

Deep dives into intimate conversations through immersive methods

Four group gatherings (new and full moon dates)

Personal and private outdoor guided experiences

Weekly at-home experiences and endeavors to practice

Recorded video and audio content and mini drop-in’s each week

Private online communication forum to connect your experiences with others

Invitations to create new narratives and tangible methods to apply in your daily life.

We will look at the ways we use language and narratives with or without intent and understanding, in an effort to support our journey into meaningful applications of growth and healing.


Each 9-week seasonal course is self-contained; you may take just one or plan for the entire four-season, full year series. Also available for private, individual healing journeys.

Spring Session begins March 21, 2021

Summer Session begins June 21, 2021

Autumn Session begins September 21, 2021

Winter Session begins December 21, 2021

A list of topics we will explore and discover during the 2021 Summer Cohort:

Explorations of the element Summer and how to apply them to individual wellness

Creating Sacredness in every Step

Reimagining Language and what we speak into the world

Movement for releasing emotions

Purposeful Presencing

Methods that focus on psycho-spiritual-somatic elemental medicine

Felt-sensing experiences

Embodying your Intuition

and much more...


Quarterly 9-week Seasonal program $555 USD

Annual 12-month program is $2,000 USD

This course is also available as a private coaching/journey.

Please ask about private investments costs.

**Payment arrangements are available in many forms. Please contact me for details via email at Please contact me if this investment is a hardship for you and we will make an arrangement for you to participate.**

Natal Birth Chart~Tarot~Oracle Stand Alone or Add-on

This is a stand alone option or can be added to any of the above offerings

Natal Birth Chart and guidance in understanding how this may help you know you deeper.

Tarot and/or oracle reading both before and after any session.


This is an all inclusive offering. The natal chart and tarot/oracle are provided together at separate times. Add more here... how long, recording, in person, etc?

Investment: $300 USD

These sessions are meant to assist you in your understanding of life in a very archetypal narrative. They are not meant to be a prediction of your experiences, but a witness to what you might already know, but lack a broader or deeper understanding.

Professional Somatic Therapist Mentoring Program

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