Human Well Integrative Therapies
Personal Agency through Self Awareness

It means that life is messy, AND so are we. We are also glorious, golden, and noble. We are face down in the mud, shredded to the core, heart shattered open... and it’s all ok. This IS who we are. It means that we engage in ALL OF IT... in the best way we know how, at every given moment and every given day.

This journey is about progress, not perfection. It’s about knowing oneself ~ out loud. Defiantly. Rising into all of our brilliance, and through all of our struggle. It’s about doing the best we can, and knowing that “our best” lives on a spectrum between a grand slam, and complete and utter face planting.

To “human well” means to show up. To show up for ourselves and others, in a kind and receptive place. In understanding and generosity. In grace. And always in strong, consistent love. With gentleness, and a deep desire to care; to connect. To synchronize our collective well being. To remember who we are... as sacred.

Now is the time to pull away from narratives of trauma, pain and wounds. To grieve. To acknowledge our collective experience and to begin to shift the narrative back to our inherent worth and dignity as humans. To heal.

What's Hot and Current??

~Body Awareness for the Era of Air ~

A 3~evening playshop exploring new language & narratives for life on Earth 2022.